The inaugural issue wants to be in your scan.

We’re looking for a variety of written pieces as well as original art. The theme of our first issue is, unsurprisingly and probably unoriginally, Taking Flight. The theme is pretty loose, so anything around that will be considered.

The Turbulence & Coffee team is looking for any sort of aviation themed (from the ground up, feel free to explore the theme - not everything has to take place in an aircraft) writing:

  • creative flash fiction (100-1000 words)

  • creative short fiction (1000-5000 words)

  • serials (when submitting please note your story is part of a short serial)

  • creative non-fiction (up to 5000 words)

Please note that we have met our quota for poetry at this time

We’re open to an occasional higher word count piece but we’re not trying to run those tanks dry very often.

Submit your original, previously unpublished written work via email to In the email include:

  • your name and the name you want your work published under (your callsign as it were)

  • the written work (in the body of the email, not attached)

  • a short author biography (feel free to play up your aviation experience or lack thereof)

  • any social media handles you’d like readers to visit once they read or view your work

We’re also looking for original artwork (paintings, drawings, photography, etc) for the cover and within the magazine. Email scans or photographs to Please ensure the artwork is in the body of the email. We’re never going to charge a landing fee - we mean reading fee.

We may also consider your work for publishing here on our website. Don’t worry, you’ll still get paid (see below).

Note that emails containing attachments will be deleted and will not be read. While we’re happy to accept simultaneous submissions please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere. We’re going to do our best to get back to every submission within 4 weeks but feel free to shoot us another email after that if you don’t hear anything - sometimes tower controllers need a nap and a peanut butter sandwich.

Payment will be made via PayPal for accepted work that we wish to publish in the magazine or online (it’s not much so don’t quit your CFI gig).

  • creative flash fiction $5

  • creative short fiction $15

  • poetry $10

  • serials (depends)

  • creative non-fiction $15

  • original artwork $5-$15 (depending on size)

Submissions for this issue will be accepted until 31 March 2021.

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